Singapore Shangri-La Food Hygiene Grade Downgraded After Guests Fell Ill

The Line restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel has had its food hygiene grade downgraded from A to C, after 10 people fell ill with gastroenteritis symptoms in December 2022.

They had dined at the restaurant on Dec 26. Two of them were hospitalised.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said no hygiene lapses were identified when authorities inspected the restaurant on Dec 30.

“However, SFA will be taking enforcement action against the licensee for selling unclean food,” the agency said.

The Line’s C hygiene grade takes effect from Sep 8, 2023, and will be reviewed in 12 months.

“The premises will also be kept under surveillance,” said SFA.

According to the agency, food establishments are graded A, B, C or D based on an “annual snapshot assessment” of their food safety performance.


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