reNikola Inks Deal To Develop Biogas Plants In Indonesia

reNikola Sdn Bhd and PT Perkebunan Nusantara have joined to develop Compressed Biomethane Gas plants in North Sumatra.

Under the MoU, plans include to build, own and operate four CBG plants at PTPN IV’s palm oil mills, namely PKS Tinjowan, PKS Pulu Raja, PKS Dolok Sinumbah & PKS Pabatu. In the process, each CBG plant will utilize PTPN IV’s palm oil mill effluent (POME) as a raw material to produce biomethane.

PTPN IV, as a subsidiary of PTPN Holding which operates in the oil palm plantation sector, took the initiative to carry out this collaboration, in line with the Green House Gas reduction roadmap launched by the PTPN Group to reduce emissions in Business as Usual (BAU) plantation activities, as well as to support government programs to reduce GHG emissions by 29% (own capabilities) or 41% (with international assistance) by 2030 according to NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution). PTPN IV will reduce methane emissions from POME by utilizing it to produce new, renewable energy amounting to 377,523 tCO2 in 2030.

This is reNIKOLA’s first project outside Malaysia, the group owns and operates large-scale solar power plants in Peninsular Malaysia with a total generating capacity of 178 MWp. Apart from solar, the company also has several biogas power plants. reNIKOLA has a target to build a RE portfolio of up to 1GWp consisting of solar and non-solar power plants.

Currently, reNIKOLA has the goal of developing 50 CBG projects in Indonesia with a total investment of over USD 300 million over the next five years.

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