Huawei Claims To Own 120,000 Patents Worldwide

Chinese tech giant Huawei said it had obtained more than 120,000 authorised patents worldwide, announcing this during an intellectual property forum on Tuesday.

It added this was part of its long-term commitment to research and development. Amassing them over the past 10 years, Huawei said its accumulated R&D expenditure reached 977.3 billion yuan (about 136 billion U.S. dollars), affirmed by Wang Jianfeng, the company’s Public and Government Affairs Department head.

“In 2022 alone, despite the challenging external environment, Huawei’s R&D investment reached 161.5 billion yuan, accounting for a quarter of its sales revenue,” said Wang, noting that Huawei ranks fourth among global tech enterprises in R&D spending.↳

According to Wang, Huawei has been the largest open-source contributor in Asia, with several of its operating-system projects benefiting thousands of developers and users.

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