Pernas – Bubbles O2 Join Forces For An Impactful Presence At Petronas Le Tour De Langkawi 2023

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas), an agency under Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives and Bubbles O2 Sdn Bhd (Bubbles O2) are joining forces in a  collaboration in conjunction with  Petronas Le Tour de Langkawi 2023 (Petronas LTdL 2023).

“Jom Cari Pernas @ Reruai Bubbles O2” – A Carnival for One Million Spectators:

Leveraging on its status as the proud sponsor of Petronas LTdL 2023 – “Most Combative Rider” award category, Bubbles O2 invited Pernas in this creative collaboration to create an “entrepreneurship vibe” among sports evento enthusiats. Under the banner of “Jom Cari PERNAS di Reruai Bubbles O2”, this innovative program aims to engage with local spectators throughout the 8 routes of the Petronas LTdL 2023.

Sharing Information and Goodies:

Pernas, through the Bubbles O2 Cavalcade, will disseminate valuable information and distribute exciting goodies to spectators and visitors alike. This outreach is part of Pernas’s commitment to expanding the Franchise Model, with a focus on guiding and providing financial support to start-up franchise businesses, enabling them to flourish.

Franchise Opportunities Await:

Individuals with a keen interest in venturing into the franchise business will have the unique opportunity to sign up and apply for the program at the Bubbles O2 booth within the LTdL Carnival area. This collaboration offers an exceptional chance for budding entrepreneurs to embark on a promising franchise journey.

Synergy in Brand Promotion:

This strategic collaboration with Bubbles O2, a brand aggressively promoting its flagship product, “Bubbles O2 – Malaysia’s Only Naturally Oxygenated Water” in both the Malaysian and international markets, presents an exceptional synergy. Pernas is set to harness this momentum to enhance its marketing strategy significantly. Notably, during MIHAS 2023, Bubbles O2 received a substantial investment from Pernas to fuel its expansion plans.

Empowering the Sport and Cycling Industry:

In a parallel endeavor to foster growth within the sports and cycling industry, Pernas has provided invaluable financial assistance to FTW Racing. This specialized company excels in organizing extreme bike events and is a trusted supplier of branded cycling items.

The Pernas and Bubbles O2 collaboration at Petronas Le Tour de Langkawi 2023 promises to be a highlight of the event, combining the spirit of entrepreneurship with the thrill of world-class cycling.

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