Bacha Coffee Brings Sensorial Experience To Suria KLCC

Long queues often can be seen outside this popular coffee chain, in Singapore it’s difficult to get a seat during peak hours, however, Malaysians no longer need to fly out of the country to enjoy a cuppa of the legendary Bacha coffee.

The Valiram group has introduced the latest luxury brand to KL, this time it’s the coffee chain that dates back to 1910 in Marrakech. Opening in Suria KLCC the iconic outlet will occupy 7,000 square feet, featuring a boutique, takeaway counter, and coffee room all within a single captivating space. Valiram says up to 92 guests can be accommodated, whether they choose to dine in the KLCC exclusive private dining rooms or on the first Bacha Coffee outdoor terrace; every manner of taste and preference is catered to.

What makes Bacha coffee special you may ask? Apart from the distinctive ambiance of the busy streets of Morrocco, Bacha Coffee transforms coffee from an everyday commodity into a sensorial experience, from the exceptional beans, a variety of coffee accessories, coffee collections, and gourmet products. The walls adorned with brilliant amber coffee canisters evoke a sense of nostalgia, while the space reverberates with a symphony of sounds. Amidst this ambiance, the enticing aroma of freshly ground Arabica beans casts its spell, awakening your senses to the magic held within every cup.

The original Marrakech location reopened after 60 years in 2019 — and launched its first international outpost in Singapore in the same year. 2023 will see the Bacha Coffee footprint extend to 38 locations across 11 countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. Renowned for its legendary 100% Arabica coffees, gifts, coffee rooms, and takeaway, the Bacha Coffee concept also incorporates international distribution and wholesale to professionals.

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