TM Lauds Budget 2024 SME Digitalisation and 5G Initiatives

In response to the Budget 2024, TM says it will continue to closely collaborate with the Government in enabling the country’s digital aspirations, delivering seamless connectivity and human-centered technologies that are accessible to all Malaysians.

In support of the New Industrial Master Plan 2030, the national telecommunication company will support the creation of more high-growth high-value industries and grow the country’s overall connectivity and digital ecosystem, harnessing 5G capabilities to help public and private organisations improve efficiency, and customer experiences and drive higher demand.

Making 5G inclusive, accessible, and affordable, TM aims to provide high-speed Internet services for all segments of the community, ensuring that these technologies benefit the people, its GCEO Amar Huzaimi said. This includes empowering the next generation of Malaysia’s digital workforce through the integration of digital skills and technologies into their learning experiences, nurturing their capabilities, and sparking their interest.

Reinforcing the importance of Malaysia’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) in the nation’s economy, Amar commends the Government’s efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of this key sector through various financial assistance and digitalisation.

TM currently serves almost 400,000 MSMEs nationwide through affordable connectivity, customised business solutions, and professional empowerment to help them thrive in the digital economy. 

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