Doors Closing On Awesome TV, MYTV Suspends Channel From Nov 2

MYTV Broadcasting, the network under the Ministry of Communication and Digitial has announced that it will be suspending the broadcast of Awesome TV from its platform effective November 2.

The suspension is another blow to the channel after it faced crosshairs with regulator MCMC. However, with regards to the suspension, MYTV said it was in relation to the access fee despite attempts to resolve the issue was not successful.

Awesome TV first aired its local and international programmes on the network beginning August 2020.

The private channel was under investigation by MCMC under the orders of Minister of Communications and Digital (KKD), Fahmi Fadzil when the station committed six offences on its news reports.

The reports had claimed that the new government (PH) after taking over was planning to lay off 800,00 civil servants.

Prior to the recent general elections (GE15), Awesome TV had come under fire for its newscasters taking a racial tone when exhorting Malay voters to turn out in droves during Polling Day or risk being overrun by ethnic Chinese voters.

Awesome TV had also accused then Securities Commission (SC) executive chairman Datuk Syed Zaid Jaafar Albar of failing to help Bumiputera companies out of financial troubles, and initially falsely labelling him as a non-Malay.

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