Weststar – Mukamalah Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration In Aviation Industry

Weststar Aviation Services and  Mukamalah Aviation Company have come together to embark on a groundbreaking  journey of collaboration and innovation.

The partnership was formalised with the signing  of a MoU at the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh.

The MOU was formally endorsed by Syed Muhammad Azni Syed Azman, the Executive  Director of Weststar Aviation Services, and Captain Hassan Alnatour, the Chief Executive  Officer of Mukamalah Aviation Company, representing the shared commitment to a  brighter future for the aviation industry. 

This landmark collaboration encompasses a comprehensive array of aviation-related  services, such as Aircraft Charter and Wet Lease Services, Specialized Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), General Aviation Services like aircraft charter,  maintenance, medevac, search and rescue services (SAR), aerial photography/surveys, and  assistance for the mining, construction, and VIP sectors, in addition to critical services like  Materials, Engineering, and Maintenance Collaboration, Maintenance Planning and  Engineering Support, Ground Support Equipment Maintenance, Sharing of Technical Expertise and Experience, and Manpower Support. 

This strategic alliance marks a significant leap forward in the aviation industry’s quest for excellence.

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