Car Life’s Clean Car Culture

by Mishalini Ganesan & Hardip Singh Rekhraj

Imagine this, after owning your first car for five years, you decide to upgrade to a sleek sedan. Believing you have maintained it well, you are shocked when the dealer offers a disappointingly low price because of unnoticed defects. Wondering what could have caused it and it clicks – years of sending your car-to-car washes without thorough inspections have resulted in a significant loss! 

Let’s not repeat this mistake for the new car. Car Life Malaysia is here to make self-cleaning your car simple with their range of products that are built to maintain the interior and exterior. 

Car Life started as a business venture of Carmen Low, who hails from a family with a successful consumer product distributor business, specialising in fast-moving consumer goods. The car care brand emerged as part of the family’s business portfolio, representing the first generation’s foray into the automotive industry. After gaining invaluable experience working in family operations for almost a decade, Carmen decided to branch out and focus on Car Life for the past two years.

The Power of Personal Car Care

The homegrown startup is the first to advocate cleaning your automobile by yourself, especially for young and female drivers. As we know, that the cleanliness of one’s car can say a lot about its owner. Taking charge of the car care process is not only cost-efficient but it allows you to understand and identify any defects early on to avoid hefty maintenance costs later, plus it is one way to slip in a body workout too! 

Keeping your car clean also goes beyond aesthetics – it can contribute to drivers’ safety on the road. Neglecting to wash your vehicle regularly can have detrimental effects on its paint and overall condition. Water stains and bird droppings, if left unwashed for an extended period, can corrode the paint and create permanent damage.

Statistics show that washing your car regularly can reduce the risk of accidents and maintain optimal visibility. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that dirty windshields can decrease visibility by up to 20%, increasing the chances of collisions. By keeping your car clean, you ensure a clear and unobstructed view of the road, enabling you to react promptly to any potential hazards. Similarly, dirty brake lights may be less visible to other drivers, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions. 

Cleanliness of a car goes beyond its exterior, as interior hygiene plays an equally important role. You might be surprised to learn that the typical individual spends 4.3 years of their lives in a car. The amount of air pollution inside a dirty vehicle can be ten times more than in the outside air. Routine cleaning ensures a better atmosphere for both drivers and passengers by removing dust, allergies, and dangerous contaminants. Additionally, maintaining the value of your car and improving driving comfort both benefit from a clean inside.

Revive your Ride

Understanding these issues, Car Life has initiated a line of products: Rainshield, Multipurpose Cleaner, Tyre Shine & Protectant that are user-friendly, especially for new drivers that can be easily used and stored in your home. You don’t need those special jets or huge sprays to get your car specially cleaned. 

A line of Car Life’s key products: Rainshield, Multipurpose Cleaner, Tyre Shine & Protectant

Car Life is highly motivated by the mission to make car care simple, they go by the tagline of “Freedom to S shine”. Car Life embodies the essence of empowering car owners and providing them with the tools to maintain a vehicle that radiates brilliance. The tagline encapsulates the core philosophy of Car Life: to liberate car owners from the complexities of car care and offer a simplified and hassle-free experience.

Car Life’s Promising Prospects

While Carmen is familiar with product distribution, she acknowledges the need to further refine and develop Car Life’s unique line of car cleaning products. Establishing its own identity and paving the way for innovation and success in the automotive care market.

Car Life looks to further their mission to advocate drivers to take matters into their own hands. Carmen aims to educate and shed light on the difficulties faced by female and new drivers in Malaysia, some of them are being scammed during car services, some getting overcharged and others getting scammed to fix undefeated parts.

The car care company is in plans to extend their line of products to tailor to the needs of women and new car owners. Some of the existing products and additional products will be refined to fit these demographics by including fragrances as well as formulating products with ingredients that are less harmful to the skin. 

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