Georg Chmiel invests in Xamble, championing rise of ‘eco-corns’ in sustainable digital business

Renowned tech entrepreneur and investor Georg Chmiel (left in pic with Xamble Group executive chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah), a pioneering force in disruptive online businesses, has announced an extension to his investment portfolio with a personal MYR 1.2 million investment in Malaysia’s leading influencer platform, Xamble Group based in Kuala Lumpur which also owns Nuffnang.

Once completed in early November, he will be joining Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Executive Chairman of Xamble, on the board of the company.

This strategic move not only underlines Georg’s commitment to fostering digital growth in Malaysia and beyond but also signals another impact investment to generate ‘eco-corns,’ a term coined by Georg.

“Eco-corns integrate cutting-edge technology with long-term, scalable economic systems that promote empowerment, equality, and opportunity,” he said.

“As the demand for sustainability rapidly grows, ‘eco-corns’ as a concept emerge,” added Georg.

“It signifies a fundamental shift towards responsible business practices that focus on people while aiming for mutual financial gain. Xamble, with its innovative technology platform, which includes the Xamble Creators and Xamble Social Wallet, is poised to be a leader in this transformative movement. In fact, such platforms are much more scaleable than traditional business models.

“Also, enabling everyone to be an influencer anywhere in city or regional Malaysia and beyond, Xamble charts a path towards a more sustainable and inclusive digital economy for individuals, communities and families.”

Drawing from his extensive experience with online platforms like Australia’s proptech REA Group, Malaysia’s proptech iProperty Group, and autotech iCarAsia, Georg has pivoted his focus on ‘eco-corn’ platforms, especially in Malaysia, ASEAN and ANZ.

Among them are KL-based Juwai IQI, with its end to end platform covering all steps for property sales and rentals and thereby opening employment opportunities in real estate to everyone without the need for a physical office, and that across Malaysia and more than 20 other countries. Juwai-IQI was selected by MDEC to be in their FOX programme of future potential unicorns in Malaysia.

Other investments and engagements include (Malaysia’s leading HR platform, making work life easier for every employee in ASEAN), Kinatico (simplifying work compliance using technology in Australia and New Zealand), Butn (enabling SME’s with easier access to working capital) and Spacetalk (focused on providing safety to kids, families and vulnerable citizens). And now, Georg has decided to throw additional weight behind Xamble.

Ganesh, who has long been regarded by industry as ‘Malaysia’s Bill Gates’, expressed his enthusiasm about Chmiel’s investment, affirming, “Georg’s investment marks a pivotal moment for our company. His industry expertise and successful track record in fostering growth and innovation will undoubtedly propel Xamble to unprecedented heights.

“Xamble is committed to reshaping the influencer marketing landscape in Southeast Asia and ‘assembling communities’. By driving growth, we will redefine industry norms for a more sustainable and prosperous future.”

Under Ganesh’s guidance, Xamble has already played a transformative role in shaping Malaysia’s and the region’s digital landscape, establishing itself as a key player evolving tech sector.

Georg’s collaboration with Xamble is poised to fuel the company’s rapid expansion and contribute significantly to the advancement of Southeast Asia’s digital economy. Leveraging his strategic insights and extensive network, Georg aims to propel Xamble into a new phase of growth, with a dedicated focus on sustainability and technological innovation as the driving forces behind the company’s future success.

His strategic investment in Xamble, combined with the ‘eco-corns’ ethos, underscores the company’s dedication to spearheading sustainable practices in the digital business landscape. This collaboration marks a significant step towards reshaping Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s digital growth and e-commerce sectors, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between technological advancement and environmental responsibility in fostering a prosperous and sustainable future for everyone.

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