Shariah Compliant Investing Through AI

Maybank Asset Management launched a Shariah-compliant AI-powered Hyper-Customised Discretionary Portfolio Mandate with the partnership between Maybank and Arabesque AI.

The offering provides an AI-driven approach to Shariah-compliant investing, achieved through a strategic collaboration with Arabesque AI, a leading investment advisory and technology company. Arabesque AI combines proprietary AI-driven alpha assessment with market-leading ESG data to deliver personalised and values-driven portfolios, at scale.

Arabesque AI uses the computational power of AI to provide fully active asset management, calculating expected returns for at least 25,000 listed equities using both financial and non-financial datasets, offering investors an unparalleled level of data-driven insights.

With this investors can access Arabesque AI’s cutting-edge technology platform enabling asset managers and investment professionals to craft hyper-customised Shariah-compliant portfolios, personalising them to each investor’s unique preferences and objectives at a faster speed, as well as portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

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