KPJ Healthcare Conference Introduces Malaysia’s First 5G-Enabled VSI Holomedicine

KPJ Healthcare kicked-off its biggest annual event of the year, hosting the 24th instalment of the KPJ Healthcare Conference by bringing together key decision-makers, healthcare professionals, and specialist consultants from abroad and across the nation at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

Themed, “Healthcare Transformation: Reimagining and Redefining”, the conference centred on the evolution and integration of new technologies in healthcare such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics and precision medicine.

Opening the event with a welcoming note, Chin Keat Chyuan, President and Managing Director of KPJ Healthcare said, “Since 2001, this annual event has continued to attract healthcare professionals and thought leaders from across the globe who share a common mission in this ever-evolving industry. We stand at a historic juncture where the future of healthcare is ours to shape.

Technology, innovation, and AI-driven healthcare are our compass, guiding us toward a brighter, more efficient, and more patient-centric future. As leaders in the private healthcare sector, it is our duty to drive this transformation; to adapt, to innovate, and to provide the highest standards of care.”

The conference was officiated by Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Sri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary-General (Finance), Ministry of Health Malaysia on behalf of Yang Berbahagia Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, Minister of Health Malaysia, who commented, “The simple purpose of healthcare transformation is to effectively improve healthcare deliverables and attain better clinical outcomes without compromising patient safety or quality of service delivery, by using best available resources. And this is an approach that is essentially targeting the population as a whole, covering the entire spectrum of healthcare right from the womb to the tomb. I applaud KPJ for taking the bold step in embarking on their own transformation journey.”

The healthcare conference also saw the introduction of Malaysia’s pioneering venture into the realm of 5G- enabled VSI Holomedicine®; which is an achievement resulting from KPJ Healthcare and apoQlar’s collaboration. This collaboration is also supported by Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), Microsoft, TM One and National University Health System (NUHS).

Being an early adopter in Malaysia, this initiative will position KPJ Healthcare at the forefront of medical mixed reality research, contributing to the creation the doctors-of-tomorrow.

The collaboration explores the use of mixed reality technology with apoQlar’s VSI HoloMedicine® platform to enhance surgical planning, patient education, and medical training. Patients and doctors can leverage on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 device and VSI HoloMedicine® to visualise and interact with patient scans such as CT and MRI, and segmented models in three-dimensional (3D) holographic image which enables a 360-degree view of the images.

Patients can now engage with their surgical plans, experiencing their treatment journey through the immersive interface of the HoloLens, promoting a deeper understanding and active involvement in their healthcare decisions.

“KPJ Healthcare endeavours to bring ease and convenience to patients and medical professionals alike and strives to continue making tremendous progress as part and parcel of our redefining and transforming healthcare delivery. We have completed the piloting phase of the VSI Holomedicine® technology at our flagship hospital, Damansara Specialist Hospital 2, and we are now planning to roll out VSI HoloMedicine® technology more widely across our hospitals located nationwide in the coming years. By redefining how we provide our healthcare services, we are embracing a patient-centric mindset. This mindset goes beyond the clinical aspect and extends to the entire patient journey, from the moment they enter our hospital to the moment they leave, and even beyond.

VSI HoloMedicine® introduces a world where medical professionals can gain insight into complex anatomical structures, overlay critical patient data, and collaborate with experts worldwide in real-time, all within the comfort of their clinical environments. Through these technologies, we can offer patients personalised therapeutic experiences, easing their pain, anxiety and discomfort,” concluded Chin.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sirko Pelzl, Chief Executive Officer of apoQlar said, “We look forward to continuing working with KPJ and partners to utilise 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Azure to expand the implementation of VSI HoloMedicine® within KPJ’s healthcare facilities. This collaboration is crucial for achieving excellence in delivering patient care”.

The 24th KPJ Healthcare Conference will run for two days from 2–3 November and is expected to draw over 500 healthcare delegates from around the world. One of the key takeaways from the conference is the convergence of great minds within the healthcare circle – medical professionals, consultants, clinicians – those among the most trusted members of society, who are the best bridge between science, policy, and practice coming together to dive headfirst into the rapid acceleration and adoption of emerging technologies which are the driving forces that will reshape and redefine the future of healthcare.

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