Virtualtech Frontier Seeks New Horizons With Expansion Into Education Market

Marking a monumental leap forward in efforts to transform the educational landscape, Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) has made a strategic entry into the metaverse education market.

Setting the stage for the redefinition of educational paradigms, the platform aims to transcend traditional boundaries and create unprecedented learning experiences for students at all levels of learning. 

More than a simple business expansion, this venture represents a profound shift in how education is perceived and delivered. Currently, the metaverse education sector is on the verge of reaching a remarkable US$1.9 billion, with Virtualtech Frontier strategically positioned to pioneer this transformation.

The focus is on creating educational environments that are not confined by physical spaces but thrive in immersive digital realms. By harnessing cutting-edge metaverse technology, Virtualtech Frontier, through their homegrown metaverse platform,, aims to provide not just lessons, but experiences; ones that are secure, scalable, and profoundly engaging.

At the core of this revolutionary initiative is a strategic alliance with Datasonic Group Sdn Bhd (Datasonic), a leading technology solutions provider renowned for its expertise in secure digital solutions.

Formalised via a Teaming Agreement signed on 29th September 2023, this partnership signifies more than collaboration; it’s a synergy of innovation and commitment, one that serves as a testament to their shared vision for the future of education.

By combining Virtualtech Frontier’s metaverse prowess with Datasonic’s technological acumen, the partnership aims to create a robust educational ecosystem that is both advanced and secure.

This partnership signifies a radical shift in metaverse-centric education, with Virtualtech Frontier’s strategic entry into the burgeoning metaverse education market — projected to reach a staggering US$1.9 billion — highlighting a firm commitment to revolutionising the learning experience.

With the global virtual education market anticipated to reach $24 billion by 2030, the transformative potential of this collaboration sets us on a path to a future where education transcends physical boundaries.

Datasonic’s expertise in secure technology solutions, coupled with Virtualtech Frontier’s pioneering metaverse technology, creates a synergy poised to provide secure, scalable, and engaging learning experiences for students across the nation. 

The essence of Virtualtech Frontier’s metaverse education initiative lies in its commitment to empower the future generation of digital innovators.

It’s about more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about instilling skills, nurturing creativity, and fostering a spirit of exploration. Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier, passionately emphasises, “Our mission is to empower the next generation of digital creators. Through the metaverse, we are not just teaching – we are inspiring, encouraging curiosity, and enabling students to explore realms of knowledge in ways previously unimagined.”

Additionally, Virtualtech Frontier firmly believes in the benefits of working collaboratively with schools and educational stakeholders, unlocking boundless educational possibilities within the metaverse.

Part of these efforts includes ongoing initiatives with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), highlighted by their recent participation in the recent launch of the Pemangkin IP360 Metaverse programme at the IMMERSE KL Conference 2023.   

At their core, Virtualtech Frontier’s entry into the metaverse education market is driven by a shared passion for empowering the next generation of digital creators.

Through programs like Digital Ninja and MetaSkool, these collaborations are nurturing digital creativity and innovation skills among students, ensuring they are well-equipped for the digital future. The success of these initiatives echoes their commitment towards advocating for educational innovation.

“It is through efforts like these that we will be able to realise our vision for the future of education —- one where education is immersive, inclusive, and empowering for all, ” Jason added.

To close off the year, Virtualtech Frontier was invited to Malaysia Digital Expo 2023 (MDX 2023) to share about Innovations in Digital Content Universe to Drive the Next Economy Wave: Celebrating Malaysia’s Digital Economy. 

MDEC CEO Mahadir Aziz shared “We are anticipating metaverse commerce to open up relentless new possibilities with immersive and spectacular hyper-realistic experiences, towards delivering a fully functioning economy and VTF is spearheading this in Malaysia.”

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