Sunway University Hosts Revolutionary Exhibition To Solve Urban Issues

The Future Cities Research Institute (FCRI) recently hosted the “FCRI Urban Living Lab: Redefining Urban Limits” exhibition from 3 to 10 November 2023, in collaboration with Lancaster University. Both Sunway and Lancaster are highly esteemed academic institutions recognised for their intent research efforts and innovative initiatives.

Showcasing arts-related research focused on urban living areas, water, and plastic, the exhibition highlighted the significant roles these elements play in city development. Besides, it served as a platform to foster dialogues and exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices between stakeholders including policymakers, practitioners, academics and the public aimed at creating sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cities.

“I find a deep connection between the idea of change and the concept of kindness. Our mission extends beyond merely identifying solutions; kindness is a catalyst for transformation. It possesses the potential to reshape the world around us,” said Professor Dr Sabine Chaouche, co-director of FCRI.

The exhibition – which drew an impressive crowd from across the region – focused on multidisciplinary research and innovative practices. Through visual mediums, it demonstrated how creative ideas, when married with research and practical insights, can bring about substantial changes in urban living standards and city development.

Fellow of FCRI and exhibition organiser, Dr Woon Chin Ong shared that the exhibition aimed to inspire and empower guests by providing fresh perspectives on urban living and development. “It signified a notable stride forward in the mission of creating awareness, consciousness and involvement of citizens who are informed about the future of their city,” he added.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, FCRI is a joint venture between Sunway University and Lancaster University. Building on existing collaborations and world-leading research from both institutions, FCRI’s innovative platform facilitates research, education, and engagement focused on future cities’ agendas.

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