Tun Mahathir Says ‘Dubai Move’ Is Halal But He’s Not Involved

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had hit out at the current Prime Minister on attacking the so called ‘Dubai Move’ perpetrators to topple the government.

In his X port, the veteran politician said that some of the parties had implicated him in the backdoor government move which Tun Mahathir denied and said he hasn’t been to Dubai for a long time. Tun Mahathir Says ‘Dubai Move’ Is Halal But He’s Not Involved

Recalling when September 16, 2008 when Anwar’s party tried to establish a Government backdoor and in addition, to the Kajang move when he tried to promote his wife to become Selangor MB.

Tun Mahathir said moves as such are not against the law and are not considered a rebellion, a betrayal or will cause the Government to be unstable, damage the economy or violate democratic principles.

Backdoor government is halal and holy as long as they can become PM.

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