Bank Islam Warns Customers Not To Reveal Account Details To Third Party

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad is reminding the public to be wary and always protect their personal details and accounts from scams involving phishing and malware.

The banking group said phishing is the practice of sending emails or messages online from parties masquerading as legitimate companies for users to disclose personal information such as passwords, account numbers, credit and debit cards and miscellaneous other important details. While malware is specially designed to obtain information, to spy, control and taking over user’s personal devices such as phones and smart watches, tablets and computers. Criminals will insert malware into devices using applications and looks like a real application for obscuring the customer’s judgment. The parties will then use stolen confidential information to change device settings as well as gain access to user applications including against users’ important platforms including their banking and email.

Bank Islam insists that it had not appointed any third party to obtain information and customer account details. Any changes to banking details and customer accounts can only done through the official platform of Bank Islam including Banking Internet Bank Islam, mobile application GO by Bank Islam or GO Biz by Bank Islam and Be U by Bank Islam.

Any download should be done from an official app store such as Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. Customers are being urged not to store name information banking user and password in their website browser.

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