Ecoscience To Jointly Build Agri Waste To Energy Plant For Dutch Company, Wilhelmina

Ecoscience International Berhad announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of EIB had entered into a collaboration agreement with a Dutch based company Wilhelmina for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a waste to energy plant in Gebeng, Pahang.

The TG2 Black Pellet Plant will basically be converting agricultural waste streams into sustainable energy in the form of TG2 black pellets. Under the CA, Wilhelmina (through its subsidiary, Wilhelmina Energy Malaysia Sdn Bhd) will finance, own and operate the TG2 Black Pellet Plant. It intends to engage EMESB as the contractor to undertake the EPC work for the Plant, as well as to manufacture certain structures, components, and equipment for incorporation in the Plant.

The TG2 Black Pellet Plant is endeavoured to be converting agricultural waste of empty fruit bunch from oil palm plantations into sustainable energy, TG2 Black Pellets, which is a drop-incoal replacement fuel. They are a specific type of biofuel pellet produced by an innovative process that offers a number of advantages over traditional biomass pellets, including improved grindability, water resistance, and higher energy density.

They are a drop-in coal replacement fuel, made completely from agricultural waste. Drop-in-coal replacement fuel refers to renewable fuel that can be used in an existing pulverized coal power plants without requiring significant modifications or changes to the infrastructure itself.

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