Bank Negara Closely Monitoring Middle East Situation, Ready To Deploy Tools


With regards to the conflict in the middle east and the possible impact on the financial markets, Bank Negara Malaysia has stated that it stands ready to deploy the tools at it disposal to ensure the local financial markets remain orderly and continue to function efficiently.

The Central Bank said its market operations will ensure sufficient liquidity and orderly functioning of the foreign exchange market. This is supported by the ongoing initiatives with GLCs, GLICs, corporates and exporters which continue unabated to further bring in flows and liquidity into the foreign exchange market.

Bank Negara said it will also will continuously monitor conditions in the financial markets and will manage any risks arising from heightened financial market volatility. And has engaged with financial market participants, including heads of treasury
operations, who concur that any uncertainties would recede and stabilise once the geopolitical situation de-escalates.

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