Uptake For Socso’s Self Employed Social Protection Scheme Only Reaches 27%

The Human Resources Ministry had urged the self-employed to contribute to the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme as currently only 27.56 per cent or 127,295 people out of the 500,000 contributors targeted nationwide are registered under the scheme this year.

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim said SKSPS was introduced to provide protection to self-employed individuals and those who have registered will get various benefits.

Self-employed or even hawkers or entrepreneurs can contribute to the scheme as the government has allocated RM100 million which is a matching grant for the scheme.

Through the allocation, the government will provide a subsidy of 90 percent and those who register will only have to pay RM23 for a year; MOHR is targeting 500,000 SKSPS contributors and it said various efforts will be carried out (by the Social Security Organisation or Socso) to provide exposure to the public regarding the scheme.

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