BNM International Reserves As Of 15 April US$113.4 Billion

Bank Negara Malaysia releases latest international reserves which amounted to USD113.4 billion as at 15 April 2024, the Central Bank said the he reserves position is sufficient to finance 5.6 months of imports of goods and services and is 1.0 times of the total short-term external debt.

Breakidown of the reserves

Gold and Foreign Exchange and Other Reserves including SDRs 536,939,309,412 *
Malaysian Government Papers 12,998,896,792
Deposits with Financial Institutions 1,664,053,750
Loans and Advances 24,536,462,620
Land and Buildings 4,127,694,518
Other Assets 50,673,321,118
Total: 630,939,738,210

Paid-up Capital 100,000,000
Reserves 192,000,122,181
Currency in Circulation 172,258,767,262
Deposits by: Financial Institutions 142,296,486,584
Federal Government 6,098,041,378
Others 63,646,326,104
Bank Negara Papers 20,704,317,116
Allocation of Special Drawing Rights 30,210,740,557
Other Liabilities 3,624,937,028
Total 630,939,738,210

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