Amended Occupational Safety And Health Act Comes Into Force On June 1

The Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Act 2022 will come into effect on June 1, further increasing the level of safety and health at workplaces nationwide, said Human Resources Minister Steven Sim.

The gazette was signed to speed up the Act’s implementation and enforcement, which had been delayed for almost two years.

“So within 100 days (at the helm of the ministry), I have signed the gazette for the new amendment to take effect,” he told the press after officiating the World Day for Safety and Health celebrations today.

The Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Act 2022 was passed by Parliament on March 16, 2022 with the Act in enforcement employers are required to analyse risks in the workplace and appoint a health safety coordinator.

“Companies with five or more employees must appoint a co-ordinator…the enforcement of this Act is highly anticipated by the occupational health and safety practitioner sector.

“Coordinators are a new thing, and with the presence of these trained people, we hope the workplace environment will be safer,” he said.

Meanwhile, the minister said 13,000 workers will follow the Occupational Mental Health First Aid training programme throughout the country this year.

The programme has been well-received and 4,000 workers have been trained since it was launched in February this year.

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