MOHR Denies Influence On Disagreement Between NUBE And MCBA

The issue with regards to festival aids for bank employees that has been a contentious discussion between the National Union of Bank Employees and the Ministry of Human Resources has more clarity now with the Malayan Commercial Bank Association coming out with an official statement.

MOHR said it had received two complaints of corporate disputes between MCBA and NUBE related with Festival Aid and the issue on the 20th Collective Agreement negotiations.

With regards to the Festive Aid Issue, MOHR said it had three discussions with related parties but there has been no resolutions to date. Accordingly, MCBA informed the Industrial Relations Department under MOHR that the Festival Aid payment has been implemented on 02.04.2024 and 03.04.2024 to employees under the scope of NUBE membership of 1month salary for Non-Clerical workers and 0.5 months salary for Clerical and Special Grades.

MOHR said although the festival aid payment has been implemented, NUBE continues to attack the Ministry to the extent of filing a police report against the Minister, Steven Sim. MCBA said this action as inconsistent with Procedures for MCBA/NUBE 20th Collective Agreement (2024- 2026) Negotiations that have been mutually agreed upon by them.

As for the 20th Collective Agreement negotiation issue, MOHR said the Industrial Relations Dept had two discussions however both meetings was not attended by NUBE even though MCBA still wanted to continue negotiations to resolve the agreement issue. The non-attendance of NUBE has caused for the negotiations to reach a dead end it said.

Finally, the Industrial Relations Dept said there was no meeting or negotiations made between Minister of Human Resources with the parties MCBA regarding matters of festival assistance or the collective agreements collective as alleged by NUBE.

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