Selangor Adding More Affordable Food Products To Its Ehsan Brand

Selangor Government’s agriculture agency PKPS aims to expand its Ehsan brand to over 50 products by the end of this year.

Its senior marketing manager Md Fazir Abdul Latif said there are currently 30 stock storage units (SKUs) including basic items such as wheat flour, cordial, vermicelli, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, kaya pandan, kaya honey, sardines and ground chili and that this will be increased from time to time.

The Ehsan campaign launched after the lockdown are the states methods of keeping daily necessity goods at affordable prices which are often sold at fairs directly derived from the producers minus the middlemen.

Fazir said the agency expects to introduce at least 50 SKUs by the end of this year, PKPS has also invited entrepreneurs and traders around Selangor to become distributors of Ehsan brand products.

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