Malaysia’s 5G Coverage Reaches Over 80%

According Digital Ministry secretary-general Digital Datuk Rodzi Md Malaysia’s 5G network coverage has reached 81.5 per cent as of May.

He added that the 5G coverage was important not only to connect phones but to serve a bigger function in several industries.

“5G coverage can act as a catalyst for the economy by providing a paradigm shift, as it isn’t just for phone connectivity…. in industry, when we have 5G then we are really efficient and good, and it will help boost that industry,” he said.

Rodzi said with 5G coverage, will enable the use of drones to monitor crops and the effective use of fertiliser in the agriculture industry, while in the public transport system, good 5G coverage can allow the full integration of all transport systems, including buses, trains and taxis.

From a healthcare standpoint, surgeries without the presence of doctors could be accomplished with good 5G coverage, he said, adding that the country was moving in this direction through the role played by the administrating agency, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) under the Digital Ministry.

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