Atilze Digital Receives Exclusive Rights To Build, Manage Maldives Dorm

G3 Global Berhad’s  (G3) wholly-owned subsidiary, Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd (Atilze Digital) on 10 July 2024 received a Letter of Award from The Maldives Ministry of Homeland Security and Technology (Republic of Maldives) awarding the exclusive right to implement the National Integrated Migrant Workers Dormitory (NiMWD) for the Maldives Government.

In a Bursa announcement today, G3 said the award is based on a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Model with The Maldives Ministry of Homeland Security And Technology based on the with 100% Private Finance Initiative(S) (PFI) and the revenue sharing between Maldives Government and the Company.

The exclusive right carries deliveries such as the implementation of the National Integrated Migrant Workers Dormitory (NiMWD) system, a holistic digital platform which aims to oversee and manage the accommodation and welfare of all migrant workers in the Maldives, construct the dormitories on the mutually identified and agreed land(s) and build-operate manage, design and construction, infrastructure development, amenities provision, maintenance and operations, and technology integration of the Project on a revenue sharing between the Maldives Government and Atilze Digital.

The concession period for the Project shall be for an initial period of 30 years from the date of issuance of the Land Lease with an automatic extension of an additional period of 30 years.

Atilze Digital is principally engaged in the provision total telecommunication solutions, services  and products. The total issued share capital of Atilze Digital is RM 2,000,000.00 comprising 2,000,000 ordinary shares. Atilze Digital is the wholly-owned subsidiary of G3.

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