Study Finds CMS from SAP Delivers 68 Percent ROI Over Three Years

SAP has introduced new technologies, such as facial recognition, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT), to enable targeted marketing campaigns and help consumers optimize their shopping experience.

With its SAP Hybris solutions, SAP continues to innovate and invest to drive the future of customer engagement and commerce.  The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud solution now encompasses an array of solutions to help companies ensure they use the right messages to target customers who matter the most and ensure customers’ data and privacy are protected. Paired with the tools listed below, companies can create more transparency into their own marketing performance and spend.

Digital boardroom for the CMO: Based on SAP Digital Boardroom, the new marketing executive dashboard presents to chief marketing officers a view that includes reports gauging the success of campaigns and transparency to detect impending problems. It also shows and identifies new marketing opportunities.

Machine learning facial recognition: The SAP Leonardo digital innovation system now powers facial recognition technology within SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, introducing a new way to engage in-store shoppers. Using facial analysis, the software connects shoppers’ genders and ages to a company or store’s available inventory and stock, enabling personalized product recommendations presented on large displays.

Embedded customer attribution: The SAP Hybris Customer Attribution solution (formerly Abakus) provides marketers with accurate measurements of marketing campaigns and activities that lead to a customer purchase. Data is collected across all touch points of the customer journey, giving insight into what’s driving customer conversions and where to reallocate activities and budget in real time.

Internet of Things (IoT) to trigger campaigns: Marketers can tap IoT devices to personalize offers. For example, brands can send a relevant marketing message when a consumer hits a new milestone on her fitness tracker.

Support for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Full support for the May 2018 global privacy regulation enables marketers to execute sophisticated targeting with consumer data protection as top priority.

WeChat integration: By supporting the Chinese social media application, SAP Hybris solutions are helping marketers expand their global footprint to more than 889 million users across China.

SAP Introduces Machine Learning Co-Innovation Program

Ten customers are joining SAP Hybris to embed machine learning capabilities into the SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and SAP Hybris Service Cloud portfolios. SAP Hybris solutions have access to customer and product data across the front office. With SAP software touching more than 76 percent of the world’s business transactions, SAP is uniquely positioned to access data at this level.

Several use cases are available covering marketing, sales, service and commerce. They include advanced personalization, contextual merchandizing, a shopping assistant bot, affinity scoring, sentiment analysis, service ticket text analysis and a customer service bot.

Additionally, labs run by SAP rely on machine learning for several of their prototypes, including Galaxy, Charly the Chatbot and Pepper Instore Assistance. Hear more about SAP’s perspective on the impact of machine learning on customer engagement in the blog: “Machine learning: Putting it into practice with customers.”

Breaking Barriers to Digital Business with Agile Microservices

Customer engagement expectations are rising to new heights in the digital era, and organizations understand the need to transform. This can only be done by introducing agility into the infrastructure. Of 285 marketing, line-of-business, and IT leaders surveyed, more than half said that by introducing a microservices-based software architecture, they could increase scalability, improve discovery and resolution, and reduce dependency on a single technology stack.

The problem is that while nine out of 10 digital strategy decision-makers would like to see their organizations accelerate digital business, only one third of organizations have a clearly defined digital strategy. More information can be found in the September 2017 SAP-commissioned thought leadership paper sponsored by Forrester Consulting titled “Leverage Agile Software Development to Deliver Business Flexibility.”


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