Maxxan Realty Reveals Big Plans for 2018

Maxxan Realty Sdn Bhd expresses determination to uphold its vision of providing top quality one-stop real estate solutions to stakeholders across Malaysia. This is made possible with its grand launch that paved the way to a public listing for their parent company, Maxxan Investment Holdings Limited in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by the year 2020.

Maxxan Realty aims to ensure the success of its stakeholders by making them share a part of the company’s profit without having to hold a shareholder position and is solely on pure profit-sharing at a fixed percentage. Sam Jee, Founder and Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty mentions that while general election sentiments may raise caution with investors, locations and other considering factors of the properties may still persuade them to invest.

Dato’ Jeremy Chia (middle) together with Tee Kiat Siong and Sam Jee, Group Managing Directors and Co-Founders of Maxxan Realty

Tee Kiat Siong, also the Founder and Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty, explains that with the weakening Ringgit value, market prices are attractive for investors especially foreign investors. However, not denying the fact that property prices have skyrocketed in the past few years, Sam Jee and Tee Kiat Siong foresee the trend continuing after some minor adjustments.

According to them, Maxxan Realty targets anyone with the intention to own a property while providing customers a vast selection of products to fit their needs and budget. This includes RUMAHW1P that are being sold to their clients at the costs of RM300,000 for a three-room 800 sq ft unit as an affordable option.

Apart from that, the company is ready to embrace success in 2018 with a target of selling at least 2,000 units of property in 2018, consisting an RM1 billion of GDV value.

Moreover, given the stiff market competition, the group plans to expand their service territory to the Asia region in the coming years which aimed to draw purchases from various countries. “This year will be a fundamental year and 2018 will be the year we stabilise and penetrate the Asia Region by making essential plans to expand our business to China (inclusive Hong Kong), Philippines and Thailand,” explains Jee.

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