Which networks do Malaysians rank the best for their current mobile internet experience?

OpenSignal have just released their fourth report on the State of Mobile Networks in Malaysia.

This half-yearly report is based on real data gathered from over 1 billion measurements from 233,257 Malaysian devices with the OpenSignal App installed from June to August 2018, and as such provides a highly accurate and transparent representation of the current mobile internet experience for end users in Malaysia.

In summary the report had the following conclusions:

  • Maxis won the 4G Download4G Upload and Overall Download Speed awards – easily.
  • In the 3G Download Speed category, Maxis tied with Celcom for first place.
  • Yes held onto the 4G Availability Award and remains the only operator in Malaysia to provide an LTE connection to our users more than 90% of the time.
  • However, Celcom is quickly closing the 4G Availability gap. In the last six months, Celcom’s availability climbed 5 percentage points to 86.2%.
  • Celcom also surpassed Yes in the 4G Download Speed award, moving into second place behind Maxis.

Here is a graphic highlighting the winners of the various categories:

This edition of the report also includes a new Regional Performance chart which compares how the operators fare in five of Malaysias biggest cities: KL, Ipoh, JB, Penang and Malacca.

The release of OpenSignal’s ‘State of the Malaysian Mobile Network’ Report follows hot on the heels OpenSignal’s recent global ‘State of Mobile Video’ Report, which revealed that the mobile video experience for Malaysian users ranked just 60th of the 69 countries surveyed – surpassed in ASEAN by Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


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