Be part Of History With BusinessToday’s 65th Merdeka Special Supplement

BusinessToday will be publishing a Special Merdeka Edition in August in conjunction with Malaysia turning 65. Advertisers are invited to participate in the edition with an advertisement either in print or on BusinessToday website.

This year we will focus on some of Malaysia’s Blueprints that help shape the country. From RMK1 to RMK12. Key Policies introduced from the first Prime Minister to Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri supported economic growth. What young nation builders have to say about Malaysia and her future Malaysia by Numbers; Economic data throughout the years.

In this edition, BT will speak to corporate leaders, economists, think tanks, featuring issues on:

i. Malaysia’s GDP growth over the decades

ii. Key policies that shaped Malaysia from Tunku Abdul Rahman to Dato Seri Ismail Sabri

iii. Malaysia Blueprint 1 to 12

iv. Nation Building by Corporate Malaysia

v. Future Malaysia, opinions by young leaders

Take part in the Celebration with BusinessToday Special Edition, Reach to 90,0000 print readers comprising Ministries and corporate Malaysia.

Show your support and let over 500,000 online visitors show their support with you. Print and digital are forever, your brand will be part of history and remain achieved.

With half a million reach it only costs RM0.02 to be part of this special.

Booking Deadline: 25th July

Publish date: 8th August

Download the full media kit here.

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