New York museum showcases conspiracy theories through art

The assassination of US President John F Kennedy, the attack on New York’s World Trade Center and the power of international oil cartels all have one thing in common: Conspiracy theories swirl around them.

And now these tales of trickery have made it into New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, as its offshoot, the Met Breuer, examines the theme of theories in the exhibition “Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy.”

Around 70 photos, paintings, installations and films by 30 artists from the past 50 years make up the show, which the museum says is the first big exhibition on the topic.

Some artists try to to stick to the facts in their pieces to uncover true webs of deceit, while others depict wildly sensationalist schemes fuelled by paranoia.

Whether fact or fiction, all the works on show aim to shine a light on how artists have used their work to oppose political corruption, consumerism and media manipulation.

The exhibit runs until January 6, 2019.


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