Don’t Miss King Vs Queen Second Coming

Hear ye, hear ye! Back by popular demand, after a raving first night sell-out, the second coming of a ‘King vs Queen’ regal night of entertainment between the best of Malaysia and Singapore is set to have audiences throwing fascinators up into the air in glee, once more.

By royal decree, it is hereby declared that a second night of regal comedy to showcase the rivalry between these two great nations, will take place between Malaysia’s king of comedy, Douglas Lim, and Singapore’s comedian cum drag queen Kumar as they celebrate their adoring subjects in a special patriotic tribute for the second time.

Comedy king Douglas, is known for keenly observing his subjects and the political climate of his kingdom to curate comedic content. Across the causeway, Kumar is better known for trumpeting comical proclamations relating to gender and politics, topics this (drag) Queen is very familiar with.

On this day, our mighty comedy King and Queen will rely solely on the resounding belly laughs of their subjects to help settle the score between the two feuding nations in what has been undoubtedly a prolonged battle of who will ultimately reign supreme.

Gather your family, gather your friends and pledge your allegiance and support for the crown (again) in the battle of Malaysia vs Singapore, King vs Queen and set to open with a brilliant performance by one of the lands finest comedians, Kavin Jay of Malaysia.

It will be a night of comedic grandiose. Come for the second royal take-down in ‘King vs Queen’ at Galaxy Banquet Hall (next to HGH Convention Center) on 24 August at 1.00PM.  Be prepared to support your nation but be warned – this show is not for the faint of heart!

Organized by Popcorn Studio, tickets are priced at RM 500 (Royal Box), RM 300 (VIP), RM 250 (Gold) and RM 200 (Silver). Tickets are first come first serve so get your tickets now at


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