This Pizza Means Business

You’d be forgiven for thinking that pizzas are only for parties, gatherings or when you’re home alone binging on your favourite Netflix series. And you’re not wrong, but this year, Pizza Hut is back with its year-end surprise! Expect a dramatic twist to your year-end celebrations with Pizza Hut’s brand-new explosive pizza you won’t want to miss out on!

For over 37 years, Pizza Hut has engaged with Malaysian consumers so closely that they enjoy great moments with great pizza. Notably this year, Pizza Hut takes it a notch higher with several breakthrough innovations, a key enabler in its turnaround strategy of making it easier for all Malaysians to enjoy a better pizza. The new revamped mobile application signifies the continuous focus around digital innovations in making pizza more accessible. Aiming to continue elevating Pizza Hut’s experience, the innovative “Singing Pizza” was launched in Q2 this year, to transform Malaysians’ overall pizza experience with entertainment at every bite – an innovative use of the pizza box as a music box. The launched of its 400th store then further cemented Pizza Hut’s position as the No. 1 pizza brand in Malaysia.

Staying ahead of the game in this competitive landscape means keeping up with trends and tastes through innovative product offerings. Pizza Hut delighted customers with an unexpected twist to a familiar favourite – Durian Cheese Pizza – launched during the National month. And now with the year-end celebrations just around the corner, Pizza Hut’s multi-sensory Black Volcano Pizza will be unlike any pizzas you’ve ever tasted.

Year-end holiday period will have Malaysians coming together to reconnect and celebrate, in which Pizza Hut sees the opportunity to bring about  greater meaning during these occasions. The innovative Black Volcano Pizza will do just that, designed especially for maximum fun and excitement with its dramatic black crusted pizza and fun bite-size volcano crust – an invitation for Malaysians to have an explosive great time with friends and loved ones this year-end.

From the 1st of October to the 31st of December, the Black Volcano Pizza is available nationwide tantalising Malaysians taste buds with its delicious cheese filled volcano crusts baked with charcoal infused pizza dough and topped with crispy chicken pops. Dressed in a classy all-black crust – a first for pizza in Malaysia, this majestic volcano themed pizza is a sight to behold and will instantly turn a dull meal time to a wow experience with friends.

Thsi new limited-edition Black Volcano Pizza can be purchased via ala carte orders at RM44.50 for a regular size while combo options are available through delivery, take-away or dine-in.


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