Bizsphere Recognised For Maximising SME Brand Potential

Bizsphere Brand & Marketing Group was recently conferred the prestigious SME Supporter Award in the Platinum Business Award 2019 (PBA 2019) by the honorable Minister of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Bin Md Yusof at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The PBA 2019 is an annual award programme organised by the SME Association of Malaysia to uplift SMEs for their exceptional achievements and contributions through a credible assessment process.

“It is part of Bizsphere’s goal to accelerate Malaysia SMEs’ growth by taking their brand to the next level and being conferred the SME Supporter Award makes a triumph way forward to contribute more to SMEs.

“Bizsphere has been always sharing and transferring marketing & operation insights to help SMEs to grow. The practise not only limited to our clients, (JOVEN, Sweet Home, Captain Oats, Miaow Miaow, Inovar Floor, AVIS) but also through invited community sharing as in forums & talks by TM Unifi SME Biznet, Vistage Malaysia, World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) etc.

“We even source ideas to SME entrepreneurs through Business Today Magazine articles on how to reap maximum benefit on business strategies”, said  Yap Keng Teck, managing consultant of Bizsphere and awardee of The Most Influential Global Marketing Leader by World Marketing Congress cum the National Council Member of SME Association of Malaysia and Technical Committee Member in MITI Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment Programme.

Last year, Bizsphere kickstarted two forums – SME Expo Forum to  revive export marketing,  jointly organised with Maybank and What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) IR 4.0 Forum Series that was held at 3 main industrious cities of Malaysia to encourage adoption of IR 4.0 in collaboration with government entities (MITI, MATRADE, MIDA, MPC, MIDF, HRDF).

Servicing the SME industry for more than a decade, Bizsphere constantly diversifies its hone to strengthen SME capacity & capability in every possible way that deemed to fit the business direction, be it strategic branding, marketing, export marketing, creative production, training, video marketing, outreach communication or advertising.

“We endeavour practical & cost-effective solutions with real results to achieve effective brand impact. That’s how we can drive SME competency in Malaysia economy growth”, Yap explained adding that Bizsphere was now envisioning to move beyond branding & marketing to be the SME growth accelerator.


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