UMAI launches database to aid restaurants amid crisis

Startup, UMAI has launched the largest directory of Malaysian restaurants and cafes that offer gift cards and vouchers,making it easier for diners to support their favorite restaurants by purchasing for themselves, loved ones, or the less fortunate.

Buying full or discounted value vouchers will help restaurants with immediate cash flow,and offset lost income amidst the Malaysian Movement Restriction Order.

As F&B businesses typically operate at a 3 – 5 percent margin,there is not much buffer room left for them to weather this out,putting their teams and business at risk of closure.

While gift cards provide immediate income relief that will help these business continue running,less than one percent of Malaysian restaurants are offering this service – UMAI is offering this software for free, during this unprecedented time.

Co-founders, Chelbat and Small.





“There are a lot of restaurants that are deciding whether they stay in business or not,” says co-founder, Jonas

“Our generosity, collectively as consumers, now literally affects the ability of your favorite restaurant to
stay open.”

“At this point, the purchasing of gift cards is the best thing any of us can do to support restaurants – and it’s win-
win.  We built this software so that consumers can purchase this on behalf of loved ones, support the less fortunate or simply for themselves during this difficult time,” says co-founder, Alexander Small.

“The most important thing we can do is bring attention to the problem, and help the community play a role in solving it.”

The site currently features 63 restaurants that sell gift cards.

UMAI is aiming to help at least 200 more restaurants
make it onto the list. Visitors can search for a specific restaurant, or browse based on who has discounted gift cards – by area,cuisine type and so forth.

They can also purchase a restaurant’s gift card directly from the restaurant’s website, by clicking on a restaurant. Any restaurant can add their gift card to the directory.



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