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It is the end of the week, and we want to say a big thank you for your support. Our online numbers have surged through the roof and I hope with your continuous backing our numbers will continue to rise.

This week, the Business Today team explored on how diversification in business models can help entrepreneurs brace through crises as well as sectors such as hospitality being hit badly from the outbreak.

We wrote on the need to adopt cloud features to further sustain businesses and social enterprises that have come together to help the marginalised.

And if you have missed commentaries from our contributors, do make sure to visit the website to read on what it means to re-imagine the future as well as how investment management helps to protect wealth during turbulent times.

With the Covid-19 and the MCO disrupting everyone’s daily life, I want to share with you something light and fun instead of our usual deep-rooted business articles.

Apparently, online shopping is now the “new norm” as the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in e-commerce businesses booming globally  as people shift their spending habits towards online platforms.

Even as e-commerce continues to catapult after the implementation of MCO and merchants work tirelessly to keep up with the demand, what are Malaysians really buying online? 

To answer this question, Commerce.Asia leveraged its database to analyse sales trends (30 days of MCO vs 30 days before MCO) across their merchants and compiled a list of the fastest growing eCommerce product categories with fascinating results.

Consumers’ purchasing behaviour appears to have embarked on a different curve since the MCO. It is no surprise that latex gloves see a staggering increased in sales (888 percent) as people try to protect themselves from the coronavirus, but surprisingly, the fastest growing product transacted is ladies underwear (909 percent). Even libido enhancers grew by 104 percent.

Credits: Commerce.asia


So, readers, what are your thoughts on this?

Have a good weekend and a wonderful week ahead. Keep safe and be safe!

Sharon Chang, Editor, Business Today Malaysia


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