XOX Media signs MoU with DGB Asia

XOX Media Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of XOX Bhd
today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DGB Networks Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of DGB Asia Berhad  to collaborate in the deployment of up to 1000 next generation AI Vending Machines.

This move is in line with XOX Bhd’s strategy to focus on different silos of its business to create more revenue streams, and at the same time provide synergies to its core business of being Malaysia’s leading MVNO with the potential expansion of its dealers base and retail footprint.

With more than 2 million subscribers and 9000 dealers, XOX Bhd’s venture into AI Vending Machines as a direct channel will substantially increase its existing footprint of its core 9000 dealers and new partners, providing convenience of sale and topup, non-telco bundled products and increased branding.

The partnership with DGB Networks Sdn Bhd will see XOX provide to the ecosystem connectivity of these AI Vending Machines, digital content to be displayed and managed, and
the increased reload touchpoints for XOX mobile, E-Wallet users and new revenue potentials.

The AI Vending Machines will not only carry XOX’s products, but a whole host of other fast- moving sundry essentials, which provides ample opportunity to bundle products and promote a cashless environment.

With the availability of XOX’s eSIM and E-Wallet bundles, this
dovetails comfortably with the overall group strategy, which is to increase digitisation across the board to create increased efficiencies and synergies.

With a 3-phase business plan, the collaboration will see both Parties eventually move into AI-
based targeted digital advertising, and to expand regionally within XOX’s existing partnerships.

Phase 1 of the business plan is the immediate deployment of up to 1000 vending machines throughout Malaysia, focusing in urban environments where convenience and digital adoption is of the highest requirements.

Phase 2 will include upgrades to the existing footprint involving machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) led marketing, streamlined inventory distribution points and partnership branding.

There will also be a planned cooperative structure for franchising of the vending machines to individuals and businesses that are keen to mobilise. XOX will focus on its 9000 existing dealers to attempt to increase the footprint.

Phase 3 will dovetail to expansion across the region led by XOX’s existing partnerships in Thailand and Indonesia. Technological advances, upgrades and interactive media will be included in this phase across all of the vending machine networks, providing a digital ecosystem of AI targeted marketing.

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