Speedhome urges landlords on the platform to aid frontliners in need of accommodation

Speedhome in a press statement has stated that 200 doctors from Hospital Kuala Lumpur(HKL) are in need of new accomodations to stay as their current budget hotel free stay  ends May 8.

According to Speedhome, many of these doctors have been transferred from other states.

Wong Whei Meng, chief executive officer and founder of Speedhome sent a message to landlords that have posted their property on the platform to assist with this crisis.

He further urged the landlords if they or their friends have a property nearby HKL, they could  provide short-term accommodations to the medical staff.

This is to allow the frontliners that are helping the nation to combat the ongoing crisis to have a place to stay.

“Some medical staff were dispatched to Kuala Lumpur Hospital with very short notice periods, and because they are in need of short-term accommodation, it is not easy to find a suitable place for them to stay. Here, I hope the owners who have a vacant residential property, can “donate”  their house for at least another one month stay for those frontliners. ”

“Frontline medical staffs are not only risking their lives to fight the epidemic, but they are also facing discrimination from the other people. There was a Joint Management Body (JMB)  in Petaling Jaya, who separated the condo lifts that are used by the essentials workers and the other residents, which is very upsetting. We humans should learn to appreciate not just by talking, but actually showing that we want to support them,” Wong added.

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