XOX Mobile in partnership with AXA Affin General Insurance launches personal accident insurance plan for subscribers

XOX Mobile has formed a partnership with AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad to provide free personal accident insurance to its subscribers.

The XOX Mobile Customised Personal Accident (PA) insurance plan will be given out to eligible subscribers as a loyalty reward. The PA Insurance will be valid for a duration of one month from the date of activation.

Customers who signed up from June 26 until Dec 31 will be eligible to get the coverage while existing subscribers will be able to continue with the PA plan through the XOX Black app at an affordable price.

The plan covers RM20,000 per policy for death and total permanent disability, and on top of the coverage plan, subscribers will also be able to enjoy medical protection and claim up to RM500 medical expenses. XOX is also offering the PA plan to eligible subscribers, especially to those who would require additional protection as they are not under any medical or life insurance plan.

The digital-enabled free insurance plan is open to its Malaysian subscribers aged from 12 to 65 and all XOX prepaid subscribers with a minimum top up of RM30, active B39 and above ONEXOX BlACK post-paid subscribers as well as newly registered auto-debit subscribers are able to register for the free PA Insurance.

According to XOX Mobile, microinsurance is not just the only non-mobile product that the company wants to embark upon, as it plans to grow its non-mobile businesses and is set to launch its digital marketplace this year.

“The digital marketplace will accelerate the company’s vertical expansion strategy with its subscribers enabling the company to serve and meet the demands of its subscribers,” said XOX Mobile.

The bespoke insurance product is underwritten by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad.


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