MARii partners with Developers Hub to establish online hub for local technology community

The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) is collaborating with Developers Hub Sdn. Bhd. on an online hub for the local technology community to develop solutions and applications for future industries, called DEVhub Prime.

The announcement was made during a media briefing held in MARii Headquarters, Cyberjaya where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was exchanged between the parties.

The online portal, named DEVhub Prime, functions primarily on a matchmaking algorithm, utilises Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the developer talent pool to specific projects within the technology industry.

DEVhub Prime features a rating system based on skill sets, work experience and performance of potential partners. Apart from helping industry players in the selection process, the rating system will also ensure candidates are matched with the most suitable projects in order to receive high ratings from their employer, promoting collective growth of the local tech developer community.

“The backbone of digital technology is the software, which is developed by coders and programmers. Through the utilisation of Industry 4.0 technology to provide an on-demand hub, DEVhub Prime will provide the best path for the local tech developers to grow, enhance, and gain experience with the right company.”, said Madani Sahari, Chief Executive Officer of MARii.

He also said that this initiative, especially with the AI-powered matchmaking feature, will allow tech start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to acquire the best-suited talents for their respective projects, thus accelerating the migration towards digitalisation.

Future technologies such as autonomous driving, mobility as a service and smart manufacturing will see the increase in skills demand that include coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, big data analytics and many more. A centralised portal to source specific talent is of strategic importance to facilitate the development of technology projects and optimise human resource utilisation.

The establishment of DEVhub Prime aims to benefit more than 3,600 existing local technology developers in the DEVhub Malaysia community, comprising of coders, content creators, start-up founders and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) with various skillsets such as Web Application, Backend Development, and Cybersecurity, all of which are pivotal elements in the development of digital technologies.

“We have been developing local tech communities since 2016 through our annual tech events, meetups and tech talks. As of now, we have more than 3,600 members in our community called DEVhub Malaysia. With the added initiative of DEVhub Prime, we believe our collaboration with MARii will result in an online job platform that can provide the best-suited candidate for companies from a multitude of industries. At the same time, we want to uplift the local tech develop community with continuous opportunities of career growth.”, said Hasrimy M. Hasan, co-founder of Developers Hub Sdn. Bhd.

Future plans of the collaboration include the development of an academy for the upskilling of local talents and the establishment of an investment arm to engage in various projects involving but not limited to system development and integration.

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