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China Mobile International Malaysia shares initiatives that could form a more effective and seamless future for the nation

The Covid-19 outbreak which disrupted industries globally had also in return accelerated the digital transformation that was taking place. Businesses saw the urgency it brought and had sped the process that was slowly transforming their day-to-day operations.

Traditional methods which involved manual labour proved to be obsolete during the Movement Control Order (MCO) as some did not fall under the essential job category and companies have had to wait to be approved by the Government.

Implementing the right systems

One of the more common observations that have come out of the virus outbreak is the need to socially distance and minimise physical contacts. Smart parking in Malaysia while not very extensive, has been on the rise and in recent months, malls have started to implement the systems as well.

This in return has allowed visitors to pay for the parking fees via online and manage traffic more seamlessly as well. Prior to this, there was a lack of valid surveillance and with parking difficulties along with a weak revenue growth, smart parking has been appearing as the go-to choice for buildings with corporate offices and  malls.

CMI’s smart parking solution enables way finders to automatically identify the current status of the parking space they are in and also notifies a warning when an illegal behaviour takes place in the parking spaces. This would then increase security and confidence for visitors coming to the mall or building.

 “Enabled by our partner solution, our system will be able to detect the parking space with the back-end AI server,” say CMI Malaysia. With the AI capability, every IVSS7008-1I server supports eight IPC detection channels.

Another common problem that takes place in parking spaces is the difficulty for visitors to locate their cars. This too can be solved with CMI’s smart parking solution where drivers can input their plate numbers and the system presents the best path to find their car. As for payments, drivers can scan input their vehicle number at the auto pay machine and pay easily as well.

Promoting optimisation and efficiency

Digitalisation is not just affecting the way labour and parking systems operate in the country, it is also changing the way campuses are formed and the way they affect the day-to-day lives of students. The China Mobile Guangzhou Southern Base project for instance is a smart park with various platform applications.

The park has smart parking, smart manhole cover, smart environment and a smart trash can among others. Using multi-service integration of IoT, CMI’s smart park project promotes management optimisation and efficiency improvement. It also tackles issues such as a sudden fire breakout.

The smart solutions provided by CMI alerts building management on early fire detection, early light and sound warning together with smoke detection. This provides building owners the opportunity to reduce loss and purchasing cost.

And with the soon-to-arrive 5G, CMI will be able to utilise it along with IoT for various industries. These industries include mining, hospitality, healthcare, fintech, security monitoring as well as manufacturing. “5G with AICDE capability as a platform will allow us to build peak industry operation systems. This will allow us to enable isolated business with SLA guarantee and offer businesses remote real time precision control with high reliability,” says CMI Malaysia.

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