JA Assure appoints former indemnity head of AON to lead Doctor Shield

JA Assure has announced Dr. Kasturi Maniam, a renowned doctor in the local community, has been appointed as the face and ethos of Doctor Shield, the professional indemnity insurance for the medical profession that has taken the country by storm.

Taking on the role of Managing Director of the Doctor Shield division, Dr. Kasturi will spearhead further inroads in making Doctor Shield the first port of call across Malaysia. This will enable medical professionals to establish and renew their annual medical malpractice insurance – a vital component for all practising doctors to renew their medical license. 

Doctor Shield has been creating a lot of buzz since last year, with JA Assure’s trademark approach of causing disruption to traditional and archaic ways of the serving industry. In the case of medical malpractice insurance, Doctor Shield offers a hassle-free process where doctors can select and secure their insurance coverage online. 

The response from the medical fraternity has been exponential as doctors realise that they don’t have to spend hours to get their insurance secured. Instead, they can utilise the hours to help their patients become well again, especially at this unprecedented time of tackling a worldwide pandemic.

Dr. Kasturi, the former Head of Indemnity at AON, will enable JA Assure to send a strong signal to the market that they are serious about providing the best end-to-end service that is readily accessible, comprehensively packaged, and competitively priced. 

JA Assure’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Doctor Shield, Japhire Gopi stated that “Dr. Kasturi is the best person to lead the division – she is someone who not only understands the business realities but also has an intimate understanding of doctors and the medical professional. 

We would like to believe that today’s announcement is yet another example of our innovative approach to indemnity insurance, where we spare no effort in offering true protection to our doctor clientele.”

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