Cosentino introduces new craftmanship through Scondido

Cosentino, the Spanish global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, together with interior designer Remy Meijers, introduce Scondido.

For his 25th year anniversary, the renowned interior and product designer designed a unique bath furniture especially for Cosentino that adorns the shop window in the brand new Cosentino City Amsterdam inspiration centre.

Scondido, a freestanding bathroom furniture designed entirely from Dekton® by Cosentino, originated from the idea of a solid, monolithic block of stone. For this solitary bath furniture, the Dutch designer was inspired by the material of Dekton®. Remy Meijers has captured the powerful appearance of Dekton® in the design. The primordial shape of a stone block is the basis for this unique bathroom furniture that is perfect as a standalone in a room, or as a duo, or as part of a driving arrangement.

The furniture, which looks like a design object, contains two hidden storage spaces which are integrated into the shape of a chest of drawers on the side of the furniture. As a result, the furniture can accommodate all kinds of bathroom supplies. Grooves have been cut around the entire block to create a tough, elegant look. For the tabs Remy Meijers chose Dornbracht Mem Brushed Brass (matt-gold) in the execution in Laurent and for the model in Laos the Dornbracht Mem in Dark Platinum Mat (mat-anthracite).  

The production of the furniture is pure craftsmanship: the interior consists of American Walnut wood carefully custom-made in the furniture processed by Bom Interieurs. The sides, drawers and the sink are made of Dekton®, entirely custom made by Lenarduzzi Natural Stone.  The furniture can be placed as plug and play in a bathroom or bedroom but also as a functional design object in a lobby or reception hall.

“I wanted to design a piece of furniture that could be included in a room like a piece of art, and still have practical features. Scondido stands for hidden, which is a nice contrast since the furniture certainly stands out in the room but has hidden extras,” said Remy Meijers.

The bathroom furniture Scondido is made in two elegant colours with an industrial look. In Cosentino City Amsterdam, Scondido can be admired in the Dekton® colour Laurent. This exclusive colour from the Dekton® Avant-Garde collection has a matte finish. The colour is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent and is characterized by the spectacular dark brown-grey background with a striking orange gold vein pattern.

Cosentino can also be found in the ETC Design Center in Culemborg, where Scondido is included in the Dekton® colour Laos. This colour is inspired by concrete-like, industrial materials. With its dark colour and weathered structure, Laos is the pure definition of the Dekton® Industrial Collection. Thanks to its matte finish with anthracite grey surface with light and dark veins, this colour is ideal for lovers of contemporary designs.

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