AJIYA Group awards Plus Solar with RM3 million contract to outfit JB factory

AJIYA Group of Companies (AJIYA), has awarded clean energy provider, Plus Solar with a RM3 million contract to outfit their factory in Segamat, Johor, with a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) setup, in addition to automating energy consumption within the building.

The partnership moves AJIYA closer to their 2040 sustainability targets, aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 一 namely Clean and Affordable Energy. This is also in line with Budget 2021’s two major goals: embracing sustainability and the adoption of digitalisation within businesses.

The PV installation has a capacity of 1.14 MWp and the total clean energy produced is estimated to offset 1,034 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. It is equivalent to planting 5,170 trees/year.

At 20 percent return on investment (ROI) a year, AJIYA will enjoy a swift return of just five years. This is made possible due to the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme and Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA), both of which makes such investments attractive.

Chan Wah Kiang, Managing Director of AJIYA Berhad, said, “Plus Solar has given us extremely competitive costing at a season when businesses are price-sensitive. Their consultative approach, high levels of professionalism and deep know-how given their vast experience has eased our transition to sustainable energy.”

“In addition, they assisted us closely throughout our entire tax exemption application process, ensuring a smooth approval. This was important to us as it determined an attractive rate of return for us, making this a worthwhile investment,” Chan continued.

“Aside from implementing solar power, we are driven towards the nation’s digitalisation goals by adopting Plus Solar’s SOURCE system.

“SOURCE is a smart energy performance management system that leverages IoT meters, sensors, controllers and Artificial Intelligence to manage a building’s energy demand and consumption to maximise savings.

“This has helped AJIYA enjoy a 20% per year savings on energy charges, incurred at times when the factory experiences maximum electricity demand. It has translated to savings of up to RM50,000 per month. The insights from SOURCE has allowed us to plan our production in advance, as we can anticipate surge periods whilst adjusting the usage accordingly, which ties back to our sustainable development goals (SDG),” he said.

“As a manufacturing company and a provider of total building solutions, AJIYA’s proposals to clients now include recommendations for solar setups. This is to address the belief we hold, that solar is no longer a luxury item, rather an essential,” Chan said.

AJIYA currently offers its Green Integrated Building System (AGiBS), comprising the 8 series product line, which includes metal roofing and frames, ceiling products, sunshade, safety glass and composite floor deck. By including solar solutions as part of their offerings, AJIYA aims to upgrade it to the 9-series, hence continuing to provide affordable and sustainable integrated building solutions.

“Working with Plus Solar gives us a competitive advantage, as we are able to include green energy as part of our total roofing solutions. By leveraging on our individual niche offerings, Plus Solar and AJIYA are creating a sustainable ecosystem for business owners, architects, contractors and manufacturers at large,” Chan added.

“Partnering with AJIYA in clean energy is another milestone for us, as we share common goals in providing total, holistic, and sustainable solutions,” Ko Chuan Zhen, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Plus Solar Systems Sdn. Bhd said. 

“These partnerships are a part of our larger agenda of driving the next energy revolution. With our AIoT solution, SOURCE, we are moving in the right direction in implementing innovative technology to fast-track our clients’ sustainability agendas, whilst staying dedicated to increasing our total installed solar capacity, with plans of overseas expansion,” Ko added.

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