Pop Meals opens their concept store in Cyberjaya

Malaysia’s quick service food brand Pop Meals opened a concept store at D’Pulze Mall last week and its signature Mac & Cheese is a bestseller for both lunch and dinner.

Pop Meals offers various choices from local to Western food with price under RM15 each.

The Communications Manager, Nurul Jamaludin said that customers can dine-in, take away or order delivery via the mobile app. The customers also can leave any new menu recommendations for the in-house food development team reviewed and then launched in the outlets. 

Nurul also mentioned that Pop Meals digests the suggestion by the customers and soon makes innovation and exhibits it by “Top Hits” charts so the menu remains evergreen. She also stated that they will be opening more concept stores in Klang Valley proceeds with other states.

Pop Meals also has garnered so many celebrity endorsements with its unique concept. The first Malaysian astronaut praised the Spaghetti Carbonara and Nasi Lemak Rendang followed by Nina Ismail Sabri who complimented the rapid delivery of Pop Meals which is under 20 minutes. Foodstagrammer like @tastydigs also enjoyed Salted Egg Butter Chicken, BBQ Chicken Rice and Peri Peri Chicken and personally described Peri Peri Chicken as zesty and ”stimulating, fresh and reviving”.

For record, the Doul’s Salted Egg Butter Chicken has been on top of the charts for three weeks in a row. Last week also saw a competition between Crazy Spicy Mac & Cheese and Super Creamy Mac & Cheese, as claimed by Nurul.

“Actually, our customers decide what’s popular, what’s the food they like most and these meals stay on the chart and hence stay on the menu. It’s driven by sales numbers as well as customer’s rating through the app, ” said Nurul.

Satisfy your desire for these foods by downloading the Pop Meals app and for updates including to see your favourite food on the chart, follow Pop Meals Instagram.

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