The Reinvention of MDEC

2021 will see effects of the structural changes brought in by the new government to some of the agencies under various ministries. With new Ministers helming posts across the cabinet, change is inevitable however having thrusted into a pandemic from their first day at office, business was no longer as usual, change came in a different context. Communication Minister Dato Saifuddin Abdullah witnessed first hand on the weakness his Ministry was laden with prompting him to swear for a sweeping change.

The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation under the purview of the Communication Ministry, saw changes in mid 2020 with the appointment of a new chairman, the role of the agency was then questioned and Datuk Wira Dr Haji Rais Hussin was directed to set out a new mandate. His immediate objective was to implement significant changes in its operating model and people culture, focus Transparency, Accountability and Integrity.

MDEC was on a journey of reinvention, this included bringing in exceptional talents who have new approaches and thinking. The agency has high hopes on these upcoming new additions, intensifying MDEC’s initiatives to grow the nation’s digital economy encompassing for the many, especially navigating through these unprecedented disruption and potential opportunities in the new norm. “MDEC fully supports the Minister’s guidance to advance in 2021 with a new mindset focused on Transparency, Accountability and Integrity. The organisation’s ‘Reinvent’ agenda is crucial to inject new, fresh ideas, enthusiasm and skills. If we are to realise our vision of Malaysia 5.0 and establish Malaysia as the heart of digital ASEAN, there must be a paradigm shift in our approach,” said Datuk Wira.

4IR is essentially crucial for the nation to move ahead, Malaysia is heavily involved in manufacturing and new technology will further transform our economic sector positively. MDEC is integral in this agenda, having formalised the Malaysia 5.0 theme, the agency in its policy charter has indicated that the society will be at the core of technology and data will be decentralised giving creators opportunity to innovate and possibly even to monetise. 2021 will witness more integration of 4IR technologies at every level of society; be individual, industry, government and environment, the process can be democratised hence giving the wealth creation process back in the hands of the people.

Following the restructuring, MDEC is now focused on four key thrusts – Digital Talent, Digital Business, Digital Investments and Digital MDEC – to drive high-impact digital outreach and outcomes for our society and economy.

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