SAS acquires Boemska to accelerate AI integration into cloud marketplace and third-party applications

SAS, a multinational developer of analytics software has announced the acquisition of Boemska, a privately held technology company specialising in low-code/no-code application deployment and analytic workload management for the SAS® platform. 

The acquisition further enhances SAS® Viya® – a cloud-native, advanced analytics platform – with a rich set of capabilities that boost SAS’ goal of supporting the entire analytics life cycle and facilitating customer migration to the cloud. 

With the inclusion of Boemska technology, SAS Viya can provide purpose-built, analytics-driven third-party application integration to speed decisions wherever needed. 

Boemska’s portable SAS runtime enables analytics “to be pushed out” where business value is achieved – at the point of the transaction, the medical scan, marketing offer, or credit decision. 

These optimised SAS runtimes can be seamlessly integrated into SAS Event Stream Processing and the market-leading IoT solutions. 

For example, the technology’s machine learning and advanced analytics can support: 

  • Wearables to send an alert for an impending medical event. 
  • Cameras mounted in factories to detect manufacturing defects and reduce waste. 
  • Drone devices to monitor distributed assets (e.g., power lines) and request maintenance. 

Additionally, the technology facilitates embedding cloud-native analytics in marketplace apps that use SAS in the background. These advanced capabilities will be integrated with SAS Analytics software and available in-app marketplaces to be easily integrated into use cases across virtually every industry. 

Gavin Day, SAS Senior Vice President for Technology said that the acquisition of Boemska helps uphold SAS Analytics at the forefront of innovation with the addition of complementary technology that further supports customer needs.

Nikola Markovic, Boemska Chief Technology Officer expressed that “We’re excited to join the SAS family and help shift customers to the cloud in a cost-effective yet powerful manner. We look forward to collaboratively delivering a portable, small-footprint runtime for analytics and models while improving the ability to migrate to the cloud.”

The primary Boemska product offerings that will be integrated into SAS Viya include: 

  • A next-generation, cloud-native capability enabling portability of SAS and open-source models into mobile and enterprise applications. This enables the development and execution of models and decisions using low-code and no-code technologies for performing specific tasks such as anticipating fraud, decision making related to a medical event, identifying a manufacturing defect, and more. 
  • An enterprise workload management tool that facilitates migration of scale-out analytics to the cloud in a cost-efficient way while ensuring that analytic workloads on clouds such as Microsoft Azure remain right-sized and always optimised. This brings unparalleled visibility to SAS workloads running on shared multi-user environments and empowers customers to confidently execute their cloud migration strategy. 


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