Putrajaya’s MyDigital Blueprint Initiative Needs To Move Forward With 4 Core Pillars

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dattel Group, Ashran Dato Ghazi said that the government’s MyDigital — the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint initiative need to move forward with four core pillars; the government as a platform, equal opportunities for industry players, private sector involvement with a win-win approach, and a digitally minded thinking.

Speaking at the Awani pre-commentary of the launch of MyDigital — the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, he said Putrajaya will need to take a bolder and more direct execution in the movement.

“Speed is the best partner for local businesses to thrive and this initiative by the Government will be perfect if the execution is done right. Putrajaya should not see this as a means of coordinating the ministries but as a catalyst towards betterment in terms of digitally moving forward as a nation,” he added.

Additionally, the CEO pointed out that the private sectors play a big role in making the initiative a success as several private players have already acquired solutions to fix issues pertaining digital adoption in the country.

He also urges Putrajaya to practice an open tender and to ensure there will be no exclusivities given to companies. 

“The best way for this is to have an open network allowing businesses of any size to be able to participate with the Government,” he concluded.

Joining in, CEO of Slurp!, Reza Razali emphasised that the execution of past digitalisation efforts by the Government is at an all time low, for instance the digital grant for small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“The process was simple; you go to the bank and you apply for the loan. But what is tough is getting the grant in the first place and the procedures was not in favour of the SMEs,” Reza said.

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