WorkSmartly’s New Upgrade Gamifies HR-Elements

End to end digital human capital solution, WorkSmartly has launched their new and upgraded system, the Q-Series.

The Q-Series takes care every aspect of an employee’s work life cycle, from recruitment, onboarding, payroll, compensation, talent development, performance management, and appraisal, to career succession and business strategising. It focuses on user experience and innovation and provides a fully integrated human resource solution.

The upgraded system features a new and improved interface, WorkSmartly has made the Q- Series lighter and faster to load, making it more accessible to most of the workforce who are working from home.

Chief Executive (CEO) of WorkSmartly, Victor Phang said, “HR professionals nowadays are seen as more than just administrators, but also important part of an organisation’s growth and development. They deal with so many moving parts and are the strategic enablers in an organisation.”

“The world is moving so fast and we see new technological advancements every day. We aim to do the same with HR-processes, future proofing and optimising it so HR-professionals can do more to revamp the way an organisation function. The Q-Series was created for everybody in an organisation with the future in mind.”

WorkSmartly’s unique features bring powerful analytics and reporting tool that converts and generates real-time data into multiple formats such as line charts, pie charts, tables, and bar charts. The Q-Series also brought on board with it a fun new element, a gamification feature, designed to inject elements of fun to HR-processes.

Through WorkSmartly’s Q-Series, employees can enjoy gamified onboarding, training, and leadership development, on top of being rewarded for attendance, performance and many more, injecting fun and playful elements such as rewards and friendly competition to incentivise employees.

“Gamification of these HR processes is more than just making it fun. We want to encourage HR professionals to tap into their employees’ competitive spirit which can create a sense of achievement and recognition within them, while doing what can be perceived as routine and mundane everyday tasks,” Victor said. 

This patented application is designed to be more progressive than the rest of other HR solutions and would be a fast way to generate various reports, which can help in strategic decision making, leading to better business outcomes.

WorkSmartly assures that all data saved in their system is safe and backed up regularly and has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, ensuring that it can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere at any time.


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