The New IBM Cloud Satellite Is A More Agile And Uniform Cloud Computing System

IBM Cloud has announced a new IBM Cloud Satellite, marking its significant milestone for IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy.

Raymond Wong, Cloud Platform Leader for IBM ASEAN shared the importance of migrating to  IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy, and the experience of customers and partners in the ASEAN region.

Through clopud businesses can solve possess threat such as latency issues that degrade the response time of mobile payment processing that requires payment receipt acknowledgment in less than a second.

To accelerate their digital journey, business in regulated industries are looking to digitally transform with cloud but also ensuring they are protecting customer’s data while meeting regulation around data sovereignty requirement.

Adding to it, IBM Cloud Satellite addresses the lack of agility issues, as application sprawl across many locations, decreasing development velocity. In response to that, when the client decided to deploy the cloud, the system will not only limited to few applications.  

IBM Cloud Satellite offers uniformity and consistent management that protect the system upon deploying when the need to certain application in the ecosystem. This allows more agile computing services.

Apart from agility, the new IBM Cloud enables consistent cloud services, anywhere across any cloud on any premises and at the edge with speed and simplicity. Compare to other cloud computing, IBM Cloud Satellite stressed on uniformity, consistent management that protect each system.

Businesses is likely facing the risk around data privacy and protection, especially as more data generated and analysed at the edge. Through IBM cloud computing, the quality are control through video analytics and data metric are safeguard wherever client’s work resides.


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