Adobe Urges Companies To Invest More Into Insights And Analytic Capabilities

Speaking at the  “Adobe APAC Digital Trends” session,  Simon Dale, the Managing Director for Adobe Southeast Asia said there are three main components that companies are using to engage with its customer base through Adobe strong offerings mainly Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe document cloud and Adobe experience cloud.

The trend discovered some unusual changes in customer behaviours and the changes are said to detest the original testing the digital capacities.

“One of the challenges for digitalisation is businesses will be overwhelmed with the data more than ever, hence the companies must know how they should utilise the data as an insight to make an informed decision and action quickly,” Dale said.

Adding on, he highlighted that organisations need to empathise and understand the customer journey as their digital literacy has increased. This will help to signal the marketers in performing effective personalisation based on the customer footprints.

“Companies should go beyond and commit to customer experience as a means for growth and leverage. This includes digging into their frustration and putting themselves into the customer’s shoes to bring it to the next level,”  Dale added.

Furthermore, he highlighted challenges that organisations face in implementing their technology marketing. This includes legacy systems, workflow issues, lack of digital skills and innovation, poor data quality and lack of customer insights.

“In support of the marketing technology needs of Adobe organisation, the technology approach for the future is hybrid and with Adobe offering, it will enable business to mitigating this loss and fostering their company growth,” he added.

“Some organisations have positioned themselves to start from scratch, but with a Adobe hybrid  cloud-connected platform they can implement it across all their needs,” he said.

Dale has urged companies to focus on investing toward insights such as improving the insights and analytic capability, ability to establish identity without cookies, improving attribution capability and acquiring digital talents.

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